How I Rode the #WaveofAction and Won.

Here I am standing before the Senate Judiciary Commitee (and a crowded gallery) in support of AJR1.

Here I am standing before the Senate Judiciary Commitee (and a crowded gallery) in support of AJR1.

For the first time in 10 years, I willingly celebrated the 4th of July. We, the disenchanted masses known as The People of the United States of America, are prone to gag at the perverted sense of “patriotism” displayed by the American plutocracy what plagues humanity with endless war, flagrant violations of International law, and the global annihilation of basic human rights. Industrial Militarization is out of control. We live in an oligarchy masquerading as a democracy. Our government does not even pretend to represent the will of The People. Now we are left with two basic options similarly offered the Revolutionary Americans we honor this Independence Day weekend: accept what is handed down from the Mighty 1% under the sedation of willful blindness; or dissent through organization, protest, and effective legislative change.

In this spirit, I joined forces with Wolf-PAC and have come away forever empowered by the experience. We were the active force behind the passing of AJR1 in the California State Senate. We talked to voters. We talked to Representatives. We lobbied for the People. We, The People enacted change. Welcome to the paradigm shift.

My current book project involves academically researching my family history. My Fifth Great Grandfather, Captain Micajah Pennington, served in the American Revolution. Perhaps that is one reason I feel so deeply connected to this fight. By looking at the historical significance of my family tree, I now understand my instinctive passion to protect democracy. I recommend The Resident‘s report on the 18th Century Revolutionary War battles we still wage today. Further compelling is Nomi Prin’s “21st Century Declaration of Independence:”

In this latest course of human events, we must pursue independence from oligarchical control over our lives, liberties and pursuits of happiness.

We must pursue independence from corporate dominance over our individual economic destinies and collective opportunities to afford basic needs.

We must insist upon the separation of public office and private power crony alliances that increase rather than reduce inequality.

We must demand the reduction in defense budgets that foster international destruction and infringe upon individual liberties.

We must alter the fundamental trajectory of government-banking ties that dictate the flow of money backed by debt to the hands of those that speculate most dangerously with it.

In short, we must elevate the equality of humanity that pervaded the intent of the Declaration of Independence by moving away from the rapaciousness of old and modern tyranny that prevents it.

-Nomi Prins, Nation of Change.