I am Published, I Shan’t Perish

AD Cover

My first book is no longer imaginary. We have a publication date at last. The brilliant Doctor Bethany Poston, PhD and I wrote a chapter of McFarland’s A State of Arrested Development: Critical Essays on the Innovative Television Comedy out April 15, 2015.

Best of all, Arrested Development creator Mitchell Hurwitz wrote the forward. We’re in the same book, see.

Our essay is called “Families with Low Self-Esteem: The Fünke Dynamic.” The research was a grueling round of hilarity and psychological analysis. My deadline nightmares consisted of rewriting sentences while a “Blue Man” Tobias (David Cross) floated disembodied in the corner. I cannot wait for you to read it.

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TCS Podcast | Blackout


Blackout podcasting ghost stories by candlelight.

Lights out!  Tonight we broadcast from a conveniently-timed rolling blackout (thanks, Apogee).  Grab a cuppa tea and some s’mores and have a listen to our candlelit ghost stories from my ancestral home of Muncaster Castle in Tom Fool and the Ill-Fated Loversthen stay tuned for Public Dick: The Rootin’ Tootin’ Adventures of Rick Perry.  

Sexy musical interludes by G Koop and O-man, featuring Sayknowledge.  

Come on out and see us sometime:

Graham Richards Live | Tuesdays at Double Barrel Wine Bar (Livermore)

Crisman’s Comedy Soundcheck | Thursdays (Livermore)

G Koop & O-man Live | First Fridays at The Legionnaire Saloon (Oakland)

The Crisman Show Live with Graham Richards & Dan Duval | Friday, May 10 at Mynah Music (Oakland)

Special thanks to Dr Bethany Poston, Sayknowledge, Elisabeth Johnson, and Anthony Caruso. 

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