I’m Your Lobster

Gilda Doll

Being a part of the San Francisco sketch comedy community is an electrifying experience. Joyous energy surges through laughter. We’re getting better by the year.

I recently had the honour of appearing on Killing My Lobster‘s sensational podcast, The Alphabet. You can hear me on Episode B as multiple, well-written, perfectly-edited characters. I feel like Gilda Radner in her Lampoon’s Radio Hour Days. J’adore KML.

Come see Killing My Lobster live at SF Sketchfest on Tuesday, January 27th. The Lobsters are crushing it with stylish, witty pincers.

Of course, I’ll be flitting about Sketchfest again this year with enthusiastic abandon. Come see a show or three. The lineup is absolutely to die for.

Your Friendly Giggle Wonk


I am Published, I Shan’t Perish

AD Cover

My first book is no longer imaginary. We have a publication date at last. The brilliant Doctor Bethany Poston, PhD and I wrote a chapter of McFarland’s A State of Arrested Development: Critical Essays on the Innovative Television Comedy out April 15, 2015.

Best of all, Arrested Development creator Mitchell Hurwitz wrote the forward. We’re in the same book, see.

Our essay is called “Families with Low Self-Esteem: The Fünke Dynamic.” The research was a grueling round of hilarity and psychological analysis. My deadline nightmares consisted of rewriting sentences while a “Blue Man” Tobias (David Cross) floated disembodied in the corner. I cannot wait for you to read it.

Pre-order on Amazon.

The Militarization of Google

Photography by Graham Richards.

Photography by Graham Richards.

Our neighborhood spy mega-store, Google has been making a recent PR push to distance itself from some rather alarming partnerships with known mercenaries and intelligence agencies. This week, comedian-veteran Marine Rich Dreyling joins us to discuss the Eye of Sauron’s growing involvement with the military industrial complex. Consider it an apropos bedtime story for our sleeping nation.

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Read the full story on Pando: http://bit.ly/1mDP87W
Produced by Crisman Richards. Theme music and engineering by Graham Richards. Music by G Koop & O-man.

Jazz Bear Nest

Jazz Bear Nest

Comedian Keith Lowell Jensen and Crisman Richards discuss atheism, jazz, and multiple arrests. Featuring music by Snarky Puppy (courtesy of Ropeadope Records).

Listen to episode: http://bit.ly/1cCpj4Z

See Keith‘s jazz/comedy experiment, Session at Punchline SF on May 7th.

Produced by Crisman Richards. Theme Music, Engineering, and photography by Graham Richards.

The Smartest Conversation in the World


Sensai Greg Proops and I sat down at the Punchline in San Francisco before he recorded the Buzzers episode of his Smartest Man in the World podcast — imagine my delight when he quotes me on the air. I prepared three years for this interview. Notice how I don’t so much as look at my carefully constructed question cards. Here we bond over old radio, Southern oppression, and then casually debunk Christianity.

Read my essay, The Gospel of Greg Proops.

Stay tuned to Laughspin.com for more fantastic conversations betwixt yours truly and the intellectual voices of comedy.

The Podcast Lover’s Guide to SF Sketchfest


Hello, 2014. Consider me your SF Sketchfest Gal Friday. I am all up in this piece. Not only am I on staff at the best comedy festival in the country, I will also be hopping on camera to bring you coverage for Laughspin.com. This is my dream job. I will totally let you watch.

This post goes out to all my blanket fort ear buddies baffling over which podcasts to catch live during SF Sketchfest. I was first inspired to share my carefully-curated SF Sketchfest Stitcher playlist, but I couldn’t do that as easily as I imagined (with one button), so I decided to write this extensive blog post instead. Have a festival for your ears. You obviously listen to podcasts because you are smart. Show off that superior intellect with my handy guide to the deep river of podcasts flooding the streets of our beloved San Francisco between January 23-February 9.

Welcome to the circus.

Accordingly To Jim

In October of 2013, Jim Leyland stepped down as manager of the Detroit Tigers.  His baseball career spanned over 40 years, with over 30 years at the major league level. After an adult life in baseball, the natural thing to do next, of course, is start a podcast. Join Jim (Jon Glaser) as he talks to special guests Dana Gould, Arden Myrin and Adam Scott, and gets them to open up as only Jim can.

Saturday, February 1 at Eureka Theater. (Buy Tickets).

The Adventures of Danny and Mike

90s Darlings Danny Tamberelli and Mike Maronna (“The Adventures of Pete & Pete“) are still bent on adventure. Join them for their all new monthly podcast “The Adventures of Danny and Mike” where they wander out into the world in search of their next great adventure. The podcast is produced by Jeremy Balon and Marianne Ways and a part of the FeralAudio.com podcast collective.
with and Michael C. Maronna and guests Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon.

Listen to “The Adventures of Danny and Mike.”

Saturday February 1, 1pm at Punch Line Comedy Club. (Buy Tickets)

Before You Were Funny

Tremendosaur (Justin Michael and Jacob Reed) presents Before You Were Funny, in which favorite comedians perform their worst sketches, screenplays, stand-up, diary entries, and more, et al LIVE. There’s no time to prepare, no time to memorize lines, and nobody but the writer has read them beforehand.

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Featuring guest Timm Sharp (and more to be announced). Saturday, February 1st, 1pm, The Dark Room (Buy Tickets).

Chewin’ It

Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme (Super Troopers, Beerfest) chew the fat, share stories, and have a few laughs with each other and guests Samm Levine (and more).

Listen and subscribe on iTunes.

Saturday, February 1st, 4pm, The Punchline (Buy Tickets).

Comedy Film Nerds

Stand-up comedians, authors, and filmmakers Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini are the Comedy Film Nerds. Their weekly podcast is devoted to the newest movie releases, classic film, major features, independent film and all matters of the cinema persuasion. Chris and Graham welcome guests weekly to talk pictures, offering insight and stories with people in the entertainment industry.

Listen to Comedy Film Nerds.

Saturday January 25, 1pm at Punch Line Comedy Club (Buy Tickets).

Dale Radio

Dale Seever (James Bewley) is the host of the cult-hit Brooklyn-based podcast, Dale Radio. Launched in 2009, the low-budget talk show features interviews and conversations with a wide variety of engaging cultural personalities, from comedians and authors to filmmakers, musicians, and visual artists. Genuinely curious about other people, Dale still manages to make it all about him. Featuring guests Mary Van Note, Duckwrth, Angus MacLane (Pixar), Marc Vogl and Paul Charney (Killing My Lobster) with music by Steve O’Reilly

Listen to Dale Radio.

Monday, February 3rd, 8pm, The Eureka Theatre (Buy Tickets).

The Dana Gould Hour

Comedian Dana Gould takes a look at our world through his eyes for your benefit. Joined by Sara Benincasa and Stephen Tobolowsky with a focus on the weird and the real. Conversation. Music. Monologues.

Listen to The Dana Gould Hour

Friday January 31, 10:30pm at The Eureka Theater (Buy Tickets).

Dead Authors

At the behest of the Echo Park Time Travel Mart, legendary time-traveling writer H.G. Wells (Paul F. Tompkins) uses his fantastical time machine to transport famous authors from the past into the future, which is our present.‬‬ ‪Unscripted, barely researched, all fun.
With special guest Thomas Lennon.

Listen to Dead Authors.

Friday, January 24th, 10pm, Brava Theatre (Buy Tickets). Partial proceeds to benefit 826 Valencia.

Deep Shit

Professional shit-talker, Baron Vaughn sits down with guest Caitlin Gill  to talk through big life themes.

Listen on iTunes or Soundcloud.

Sunday, January 26th, 4pm, The Punchline (Buy Tickets).

Dork Forest

Jackie Kashian is a nationally touring standup comic and has been building a podcast fort, the safest space in podcastville, since 2006. Jackie invites a wide variety of guests, from standup comics, authors, actors and perfectly nice regular people to “dork out” on the thing they love most. It can be, and has been, comic books, video games, anime, action figures and science fiction. It has also been Trains, the history of Baseball, Bees, Perfume and Salsa Dancing. All things fit in the dork forest. TDF is the safest space in podcastville. Listen for your dorkdom and be amazed at what others enjoy.

Listen to the Dork Forest.

SF Sketchfest Comedy NightLife
Thursday, January 30th, 6-10pm, California Academy of Sciences 21+ (Buy Tickets).

The Fogelnest Files

Jake Fogelnest is a professional. He’s been a regular panelist on VH1, written for Weekend Update on “Saturday Night Live,” “Best Week Ever,” Spin Magazine, New York Magazine and most recently the Emmy nominated, “Billy On The Street.” Jake was kicked out of camp early in the film “Wet Hot American Summer” and was the host and creator of “SQUiRT TV” on MTV when he was a teenager.

Listen to The Fogelnest Files.

Friday, February 7th, 10pm, Stage Werx (Buy Tickets).


I love Gelmania, and it totally freaks out the dogs. Scramble your brain with Comedy, Theatre, and Philosophy from the mind of Brett Gelman with guest Jon Daly. Friday, January 24th, 8pm, The Verdi Club (Buy Tickets). For the love of glob, do not ask him about his beard.

Listen to Gelmania.


Attend a town meeting in a land free of brevity, where Mayor Dan Harmon (creator of NBC’s Community) and Comptroller Jeff B. Davis (Whose Line is it Anyway?) take another small, drunken step toward colonizing the moon. Evening may include ineffectual rants, songs, shameful stories, special guests, forehead sweat and repeated exposure to the phrases “like,” uh,” “sort of” and “you know.”

Listen to Harmontown.

Thursday February 6, 8pm at Cobb’s Comedy Club (Buy Tickets).

I Seem Fun

Comedian and author Jen Kirkman sits in bed, talks to you, well– into a microphone — about what’s on her mind.

Featuring opening act, Brendan Hines.

Listen to I Seem Fun.

Saturday February 8, 7:30pm at Brava Theater Buy Tickets.


Few names are as synonymous with improv as Matt Besser. Founding member of the Upright Citizens Brigade and a regular performer in the world-famous show Asssscat, Matt has brought his talents to Earwolf with a fully improvised weekly podcast featuring the best improvisers in the universe. Featuring guests Chris Gethard, Seth Morris and more.

Listen to Improv4Humans.

Sunday, February 9th, 1pm, The Punchline (Buy Tickets).

Jonah Raydio

Jonah Ray has some friends over to his house to drink, listen to music, and converse – with sexy results. Join him for a live version of his hit Nerdist network podcast.

Listen to Jonah Raydio.

Saturday, February 8th, 1pm, Cinecave at Lost Weekend (Buy Tickets).

Jordan, Jesse, Go!

Jordan, Jesse, Go! is a freewheeling comedy podcast about life in your twenties and everything else. Your hosts are Jesse Thorn, “America’s Radio Sweetheart,” and Jordan Morris, “Boy Detective.” with special guest Rob Corddry.

Listen to Jordan, Jesse, Go!

Saturday February 8, 1pm at The Eureka Theater (Buy Tickets).

The K Ohle Podcast

The K Ohle is a multi-format podcast hosted by comedian Kurt Braunohler. Every episode, Kurt takes a guest into his car, blindfolds them, drives them somewhere they’ve never been, and they have to figure out where they are and how they’d get back. And they have some chats along the way.

Featuring guests Nate BargatzeRachel Dratch, Seth Morris and more.

Listen to K Ohle.

Saturday February 8, 1pm at Punch Line Comedy Club (Buy Tickets).

Lady to Lady

Comedians Barbara Gray, Tess Barker, and Brandie Posey bring their popular podcast and hit midnight show at the Upright Citizens Brigade to the Sketchfest stage for an hour of insanity, including gut-busting debates over current events and pop culture, embarrassingly hilarious personal revelations, and the occasional Craigslist talent performance. The ladies combine their three engaging, distinctive personalities to bring you a show that’s like The View (but funny), mixed with Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and a dash of David Lynch. The Lady to Lady podcast recently joined the Maximum Fun network and can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, Audioboo. Produced and directed by David Janove.

Listen to Lady to Lady.

Sunday, February 9th, 4pm, Dark Room (Buy Tickets).

The Laughspin Podcast

Each week on the Laughspin Podcast, Laughspin.com founder/editor Dylan Gadino and Mike Gogel bring you comedy news, the most recent audio clips from the comedy world and a few laughs. The Laughspin Podcast is part of the All Things Comedy network, founded by comedians Bill Burr and Al Madrigal. This SF Sketchfest edition features Dylan Gadino and special co-host Lauren Ashley Bishop , and guests Brett Gelman, Sara Schaefer and Natasha Leggero.

Listen to the Laughspin Podcast.

Saturday, January 25th, 4pm, The Dark Room (Buy Tickets).

Nerdist Podcast

Back for another highly-anticipated live podcasting experience, popular comic/actor/author/television personality/raconteur Chris Hardwick, celebrated funnyman Jonah Ray and Matt Mira– noted wit and the most humorous former funeral home employee in the known universe– will return to San Francisco to be live on stage performing their special brand of stand-up comedy followed by a live exhibition of podcasting excellence, joined by a special guest to be announced.

Listen to Nerdist.

Friday February 7, 10pm at Marines’ Memorial Theatre (Buy Tickets).

Never Not Funny with Jimmy Pardo

Imagine eavesdropping on three guys at a party – except what you’re hearing is funny. That’s Never Not Funny. Join Jimmy Pardo along with Matt Belknap and Pat Francis as they dissect music, sports, current events, but mostly they just talk, and you get to listen and laugh. With special guest Todd Glass. GQ Magazine recently called NNF “The Number One Relatively Obscure Thing You Need To Be Paying Attention To” in their annual comedy issue. The Onion A.V. Club says “NNF is the most consistently funny podcast out there.”

Listen to Never Not Funny.

Saturday, February 1, 11am, The Eureka Theatre (Buy Tickets).

Owen and TJ Read the News

From the minds of Owen Burke (Funny or Die) and Adam McKay (Anchorman). Owen stays up on current events and TJ, a cell phone case salesman and aspiring hip hop artist, is more interested in what’s going on at the Hooters down at the Jacksonville, Florida CityWalk. On Owen & TJ Read the News they discuss the top stories of the month together.

Listen to Owen and TJ Read the News.

Saturday February 8, 1pm at Brava Theater (Buy Tickets).

Probably Science

The hit podcast in which three professional comedians and incompetent scientists take you through this week in science. Featuring Matt Kirshen (Jimmy Fallon, Craig Ferguson, Nerdist, Last Comic Standing), Andy Wood (Bridgetown Festival, LA Podcast Festival), Jesse Case (Just For Laughs, Live At Gotham, Last Comic Standing), and, until a few months ago when he met Lorne Michaels, co-host Brooks Wheelan (SNL), with special guests from the world of science and comedy. It’s the most topical, up-to-date, half-assed science, delivered straight to you in bite-sized comedy chunks.

Listen to It’s Probably Science.

Saturday, February 8th, 4pm, The Punchline (Buy Tickets).

Road Stories

Murray Valeriano is a brilliant comedian, writer and human sponge. This Tennessee native and preacher’s son found his comedy calling in California and soon began a successful career in stand up and writing. Murray has appeared in clubs and theaters all over the country. He has been seen on Comedy Central, NBC, FuelTV and More. He is also a regular guest of “Bill Engvall’s Blue Collar Comedy” on SIRIUS/XM and has been heard on the “5 O’clock Funnies” in Los Angeles. As an award winning writer, Murray has written for The Tonight Show, Bill Engvall’s Here’s Your Sign Awards and Ridiculousness. He has also written for Conan O’Brien, Stephen Colbert, and Dennis Miller. Murray is a captivating fellow that possesses a remarkable wealth of pop culture knowledge and experience. Roadstories podcast has ranked “New and Notable” on iTunes and mentioned in USA Today’s Pop Candy as one of the Best Comedy Podcasts of 2013.

Listen to Road Stories.

Saturday, February 8th, 4pm, The Dark Room (Buy Tickets).

Roderick on the Line

Roderick on the Line is a frank and candid weekly phone call between John Roderick and Merlin Mann. While these sorts of calls have been conducted privately on a regular basis since something like 2003, they are now being made available to the public as an audio podcast. Watch them do it live, sans phone.

Listen to Roderick on the Line.

Thursday, January 30th, 6-10pm, California Academy of Sciences 21+ (Buy Tickets).
Friday, January 31st, 10pm, Stage Werx (SOLD OUT)

Ronna & Beverly

Ronna Glickman (Jessica Chaffin) & Beverly Ginsberg (Jamie Denbo) are the best-selling co-authors of You’ll Do A Little Better Next Time: A Guide to Marriage and Re-marriage for Jewish Singles. They travel the country and the world interviewing celebrities and educating audiences about love & relationships, all the while oversharing about their own families and lives. They have a longstanding monthly engagement at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles, and have also appeared at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and The Soho Theatre, London. Their biweekly podcast The Ronna & Beverly Podcast is hosted on the Earwolf network. Most recently they completed the critically-acclaimed Ronna & Beverly television series for Sky Atlantic HD in the UK.

Listen to Ronna and Beverly.

Thursday, January 30th, 8pm, Eureka Theatre (Buy Tickets).

Scott Capurro’s Position

Scott Capurro brings his signature wit and, whilst bantering with sidekick David Mills, asks you about career, inspiration, blah blah blah. And anything else that pops up.  It’s fun, informal, gossipy and not broadcast on TV so one can be as ‘real’ as one would like.

Listen to Scott Capurro’s Position.

Thursday, January 30th, 8pm, The Punchline (Buy Tickets).


Superego Podcast is a collection of improvised, character-based sketches presented through the loose psychological framework of analytical Pscience™. Since 2006, they’ve steadily garnered over a million downloads, been featured on the iTunes main podcast page. Featuring guests
Paget BrewsterKevin Murphy, Paul F. Tompkins, James Urbaniak

Listen to Superego.

Saturday, January 25th, 1pm at Brava Theater

Talkin’ Toons

Join Emmy and Annie award winner Rob Paulsen and his special guests as he talks about his experiences in voice acting. Special guests are Maurice LaMarche (Pinky and the Brain), Phil LaMarr (Futurama), Greg Miller (IGN’s Up at Noon) and James Urbaniak (The Venture Bros.).

Listen to Talkin’ Toons.

Sunday, January 26th, 4pm, The Eureka Theatre (Buy Tickets).


One of Nerdist’s newest and fastest-growing podcasts, Terrified with Dave Ross features interviews with comedians, musicians, and other famous types to find out what they don’t like about themselves. Featuring guests Eddie Pepitone, Barbara Gray and Karen Kilgariff

Listen to Terrified.

Sunday, February 9th, 1pm, The Dark Room (Buy Tickets).

Throwing Shade

Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi present lots of ‘sues, shade throwing, phone calls, bad impressions, frank sexual talk and most importantly, Erin and Bryan presenting all the issues important to ladies and gays, and treating them with much less respect than they deserve. Can you handle it?

Listen to Throwing Shade.

Thursday, February 6th, 8pm, The Punchline (Buy Tickets).

The Tobolowsky Files

Stephen Tobolowsky is one of the leading character actors in film today. He has written and performed his stories on the “The Tobolowsky Files” for Slashfilm.com and on iTunes.  They are also broadcast weekly on KUOW in Seattle and on WFPL in Louisville. PRI (Public Radio International) is now producing broadcasts of his stories to air on stations across the country. His first book of stories, The Dangerous Animals Club, has been published by Simon and Schuster in September 2012.

Listen to the Tobolowsky Files.

Saturday, February 1st, 4pm, The Eureka Theatre (Buy Tickets).

The Todd Barry Podcast

Highly regarded and amazing comedian Todd Barry talks to friends – and maybe people he doesn’t know – about their careers, travel, food, and various other topics. Featuring guests Karen Kilgariff, Jen KirkmanRick Overton.

Listen to the Todd Barry Podcast.

Saturday February 8, 4pm at The Eureka Theater (Buy Tickets).


Topics features long-time friends and creative comedic collaborators Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter as they tackle some of mankind’s most difficult questions: What is the nature of love? Is time travel possible? Does God exist? And so many more. Topics is a thoughtful, intense conversation about what makes humankind kind-of-human.

Listen to Topics.

Saturday February 1, 1pm at the Brava Theater (Buy Tickets).

Vague Stories

Greg Behrendt takes a break from his two-man podcast, Walking the Room, to ramble and pontificate all by his lonesome in the new and terrific Vague Stories podcast.

Listen to Vague Stories.

Sunday, February 9th, 4pm, Punch Line Comedy Club (Buy Tickets).

The World of Phil Hendrie

Creative genius chock full of character, comedy and commentary, Phil Hendrie is famous for concocting a cast of fictional characters, all of whom he plays on air while simultaneously serving as host of his national talk radio program

Listen to the World of Phil Hendrie.

Sunday, January 26th, 8pm, The Eureka Theatre (Buy Tickets).

You’re The Expert with Chris Duffy

Through games, sketches, and hilariously misguided guesses, a panel of hilarious comedians will try to get to the bottom of what a leading scientific researcher studies all day.  You won’t want to miss being part of the audience for this live show and podcast taping, hosted by Chris Duffy. Special guests include Josh GondelmanMyq Kaplan, Ever Mainard and your Dr. Christina Agapakis.

Listen to You’re the Expert.

SF Sketchfest Comedy NightLife
Thursday, January 30th, 6pm-10pm, California Academy of Sciences 21+ (Buy Tickets).

Oakland Eyes with Rich Dreyling


We put a lot of research into our season finale to thank you kindly for a great year of podcasting.  We are joined by Iraq Veteran and Comedian Rich Dreyling  to discuss the militarization of the police force and the criminalization of dissent as seen in the Port of Oakland. Written and Produced by Crisman Richards. Theme Music and Engineering by Graham Richards. Music by G Koop & O-man featuring Garret Shider and Marshall “Seedless” Shider.

The podcast is on hiatus through the end of the year. Stay tuned to this space for upcoming dates and publications.

Happy Trails, Fuckers.

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NSA Files Decoded (The Guardian).

Oakland activist allegedly fired after police tracked him at protest, alerted employer (RT)

Oakland dedicating anti-terrorism funding to surveillance supercenter. (RT)

ACLU urges Oakland City Council to Put Brakes on Surveillance Center.

Oaklandwiki — Domain Awareness Center

SAIC: Oakland’s Border Militarization, Nuclear Weapons Engineering Surveillance Contractor (Pueblo Lands).

Nuclear law forces Oakland to back out of surveillance center contract (San Jose-Mercury News).

Killing My Lobster


Discussing sketch, satire, and Winter Follies with San Francisco sketch group Killing My Lobster’s Head Writer Ken Grobe and Managing Director Claire Slattery.

Tweet @CrismanRichards your favorite holiday coping mechanism using the hashtag #LobsterFestivus for a chance to win two free tickets to KML’s Winter Follies, December 12-15 at Z Below in San Francisco.

For $15 tickets, use the discount code CRISMAN at killingmylobster.com.

Produced by Crisman Richards. Theme music and Engineering by Graham Richards (BMI). Music by G Koop & O-man (RM Moods & Colors, BMI) with guest appearances by Lauren Avery, Dave Richards, and Foreign Legion.

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Homeschool History: Tyranny and Revolt


Let’s share brains.  Be my GoodReads friends.

Crisman Richards shares an essay exploring deep history of Tyranny and Revolution in these United States by way of Netflix and Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States.

Download this episode.

Written and Produced by Crisman | Richards. Theme music and engineering by Graham Richards (BMI). Music by G Koop and O-man featuring Whitton, Jerome Rodgers, and the Mastrs. 

Featuring J.S. Bach Prelude and Fugue #9 in E Major and #11 in F Major from the Well-tempered Clavier.  Performed by Graham Richards.

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Additional Sources:

Early Modern England: Politics, Religion, and Society Under the Tudors and Stuarts.  Keith Wrightson, Yale University.

The Tudors


Tell it Slant

Obama’s Rhetoric: Manipulating Your Trust (@BreakingtheSet)

The Committee


Celebrating activism through improvisation and the secret history of American comedy with The Committee documentarian, Jamie Wright (thecommitteemovie.com).  Produced by Crisman Richards.  Theme music and engineering by Graham Richards.  Music by G Koop & O-man featuring Markese from the East and Willie Joe.

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