Congratulations, Pups


Our friends Snarky Puppy debuted Family Dinner at #1 on the iTunes Jazz Charts.  Since you listen to us, you clearly have a flair for soulful whimsy and will therefore enjoy this record.  Earlier this year, we talked to N’dambi about her experience working with the Pups .  Check out their collaboration “Deep,” written by herself and neo-soul pioneer, Maduku Chinwah.

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The Pups are eternally touring.  Go hear them play.  Please bring sandwiches.


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Photography by TIffany Black,

Hey Mysterious Strangers,

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Our goal is to document revolution in the most playful and joyous manner.  We want to spend 2014 touring International comedy festivals to meet our supporters and carry on riveting conversations.  Your generous donation will equip us to transition our pirate public radio operation into a self-sufficient production company.

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Open Secrets


From Outlaw: The Legend of Robin Hood.

From Outlaw: The Legend of Robin Hood.

Whose money is representing you on Capitol Hill? This week we put The Center for Responsive Politic’s to good use and take a look at the money oiling our slick congressman, Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA-15th).

Written by Crisman Richards.

Theme music and engineering by Graham Richards. Music by G Koop & O-man with Taylor Eigsti and NHT Boyz.

Off Beat News Sources:

Breaking The Set: Oil Industry’s Pig in the Pipeline

Exxon Oil Spill Arkansas

Moment of Clarity: What Exxon Doesn’t Want You To Know

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