My Beloved San Francisco


Hello, Friends!

I am pleased to report that we are happily settled in the Bay Area of California.  At last, the sensation of finding home is mine.  The City and I were immediately in love, then I slipped in vomit on the street.  Now I’m playing for keeps.

San Francisco immediately spoiled me with invitations to appear on Full Disclosure with Eric Barry on FCC Free Radio (available on iTunes, listener discretion advised), and again doing stand up on The Eric Show at Milk Bar.  It feels fantastic to be back on stage, especially in a town so liberal with open microphones.

Speaking of microphones, my love of radio has gone off the deep end.  I am learning the trade of voice over in hopes of living out my son’s request that I get a job as an Adventure Time princess.  In the meantime, we have a professional studio at home — you may expect more Crisman Richards enhanced essays in the coming weeks.  We went to see a Prairie Home Companion live at the War Memorial Opera House, further igniting my passion for storytelling.  Watching Garrison Keillor flit about his circus Americana was inspiring beyond measure.  The wheels are turning for the shows we will soon bring to you.

Until then, I have sold my soul to the volunteer corps of SF SketchFest.  I will report back from my enviable foxhole in the comedy trenches, where I will work my fingers to the bone and laugh myself to sleep.

Stay tuned!