Now Podcasting Live from Deep Ellum Outdoor Market!



TCS is thrilled to be a part of the Deep Ellum community, now we’re getting in on the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market to celebrate DEOM’s Two Year Anniversary!  Join us Saturday night as Ferralog Studios transform into the Pop Rocks Pop Up bar (provided by our friends at La Grange).  We will be recording the podcast live from 7-8 pm with performances and interviews with Gospel sensation, Angela Blair, and stand-up comedian, Cris Lehman.  

The streets will be lined with food trucks and live music, so come out early and make a social situation of the whole ordeal.  Crisman will also be hosting the Club Dada After Party with her squad of comics: Jeffrey Jay, Scott Crisp, Christian Hughes, and Matt Beebe.  Comedy happens from 9-10 pm, incidentally the same time the free beer will be flowing.  

See you at the show!