A Ringy Crisman Show | Joel Cross + Perrio

Celebrating three classy years of stalking comedians and farting on jazz musicians.  Performances by singer/songwriter Joel Cross, Grammy-nominee Colin Hauser, and comedian Ryan Perrio.

Recorded before a live studio audience at Ferralog Studios in Deep Ellum, Dallas.

Executive Producer: Sarah Crisman

Produced by Geoff Lloyd and Nathan Adamson


The Crisman Show Live: Daydrinkers with Mary Walker + Chris Darden


Live from Ferralog Studios in Deep Ellum, Dallas, it’s the Crisman Show with special guests singer-songwriter, Mary Walker, and comedian Chris Darden!

Recorded on May 20th, 2012.

Engineered by Geoff Lloyd and Nathan Adamson.

Theme Composed by Graham Richards.

Special Thanks to Sean Heavens, Keisha Sawyer, Madison Barras, Nash Griggs, and Roman Jefferson.