Glitter Kicks + Grown A$$ Dance-y Pants


We know you need to blow off some steam this week.  Delirium from finals will set in and the only cure is dancing  (or drinking 51 beers and watching other people dance.  That’s cool, too).  Remember Snarky Puppy will be in town this week (catch them  Tuesday at Prophet and Wednesday at Hailey’s).  Booty-shaking energy is forecast to be hot as fish grease.  Drink lots of water.  

Thursday, May 3

I’m thrilled to welcome DJ Jay Clipp to Denton for our first Grown A$$ Dance Party (Thursday at Hailey’s).  I love me some Jay Clipp.  We’ve seen him spin weekly for RC Williams and the Grits jam session (Wednesdays, Prophet), open for Jay Z at American Airlines, and Wu Tung Clan at Granada.  He’s got an ear.  Come have a listen.

Thursday, May 17th

More dancing with DJ M Knight on the 1s + 2s.  We found this gem at the House of Blues Foundation Room and quickly discovered his equally impressive photography skills.  He’s a delight to work with and has a great collection of music at the ready.  


Thursday, May 31st

This is going to be a hot night, for sure.  The Townies will feel the first wave of hot summertime crazies with DJ Sheka Booker in the club.  She’s caught the ear of Low Down Loretta Brown (aka Erykah Badu) and ?uestlove.  Now she’s coming to Hailey’s to party with our small town asses.  

We’re in for quite a few Denton nights this month.  Seriously, drink more water.  


Comedy Bandwich!


Join us on Cinco de Mayo for our next installment of 2 Bands | 2 Comics with Mary Walker, Ms Music, Chris Mack, and Jeffrey Jay.  

We’re back for more on Saturday, May 12 with IvorY JeaN, the Effinays, Chris Darden, and Paco Werth.

  Good times party wagon!

The Crisman Show: Live from Deep Ellum

For Immediate Release
Media Contact:
Madison Barras
The Crisman Show Now Live from Deep Ellum

(DALLAS, Monday, April 2, 2012) – The Crisman Show – the disruptive, high-heeled hybrid of Conan and Soul Train – will now manifest in an intimate studio setting live from Dallas’ Deep Ellum. The cult program will broadcast online twice a month as Sunday Funday live streams, podcasts on iTunes, and will be available online for digital syndication and viral bliss.  Each episode will feature live performances of the brightest stand up comics and musicians emerging on the scene today.

The studio in which this live extravaganza will take place is located at 2815 Main Street in Deep Ellum, Dallas. Tickets can now be purchased for the first two shows via Prekindle.

Sunday, May 6
Special Guests:
IvorY JeaN and Josh Johnson
Doors at 3, Showtime at 4 PM
Sunday, May 20
Special Guests:
Mary Walker and Chris Darden
Doors at 3, Showtime at 4 PM

The show will open on a diverse gathering of friends collected in a Dallas recording studio. The usual suspects of musicians, comedians, producers and close fans are about, enjoying a chill Sunday afternoon in the lab. The vibe reminiscent of Hugh Hefner’s 1962 program, Playboy’s Penthouse, in which Hef swanned about his Chicago mansion with Lenny Bruce and jazz musicians.

The audience will hear keys playing in the recording room, the pianist varying episodically. Our warm-up comedian will welcome guests and explain the mingling chat show ahead. He then introduces the pianist who begins to play his or her own rendition of “The Crisman Show” theme song, originally composed by Graham Richards.

Sarah Crisman is introduced and pops up somewhere in the studio with wireless microphone in hand, thusly descending into a mingling monologue.

The audience next finds Sarah at the piano for an Off the Bench interview with the guest on keys. Once all the funny is drained out of the piano man, Sarah welcomes a stand up comedian to burst forth into comedy in some awkward corner of the party. After several minutes of torturous hilarity, the comic joins Sarah at the bar for a post-mortem panel with a third Friend of the Show.

At last, the attention returns to the recording studio where an entire band has collected for twenty blessed minutes of a silent Sarah Crisman. After the set, band members decompress in the sound booth for a nearly painless interview. the close of the show will follow and all will carry on into the night.

For more information on The Crisman Show, visit the website, The Facebook pagenewsletter, and Sarah’s Twitter page serve as ways to keep up with the show and all the associated misadventures. Contact Madison Barras at for all inquiries.