Get Your Laugh On at Crisman’s Comedy Soundcheck

Crisman's Comedy Soundcheck at J+J's on Monday, Feb. 20

Live from the basement –
Come on over and laugh at (and hopefully with) us!

Monday, February 20, 2012, 8-10 PM – $1
J+J’s Pizza (Ye Ol’ Dirty Basement)
118 West Oak Street, Denton, TX 76201-4134

Sarah will be hosting and we’ll be recording a live episode of The Crisman Show podcast, so you should be there! Plus you can see these fabulous friends of ours:

Josh Johnson (@JoshtheSandwich)
Paco Werth (@ihatecomedy)
Nathan Guerra (@Nathan_Guerra)
Scott Crisp (@scott_m_crisp)
Jeffrey Jay (@heyjeffreyjay)
Dominic Harris (@DomComedy)

We miss you and we’d love to see you!
Thanks, again, for all your love and support!


This City is a Dag-nab Pack of Angels

Get used to it.

Hello from Los Angeles!

We are kicking up a fuss in Hollywood for Season Two of the podcast this week.  We’re in town for NAMM, getting the skinny on all the gadgets you sexy music nerds and savvy broadcasters need.  Our guests are  out of control, running the foolish gamut of producers, comedians, broadcast legends, and an alarming roster of musicians.  It’s Comic-Con for the road dogs and session cats, and I’ll be smack dab in the middle.  You will be overwhelmed by the deluge of madness ahead, musical and otherwise.

Stay tuned!