It’s a Very Merry Crisman Show, Indeed

Ever wander right into a music video?

We are so proud to bring you the dopest podcast episode yet, with more guests and new music.  This show is sick and hot all at the same time.  Sarah gets her interview on with renowned producer/performer Deonis, the incomparable artist Chelsea West, and panels stylist Mattie Michelle and urban legend, Keite Young.   Hear music from Pumah, Chelsea West, Snarky Puppy, and BRAND NEW Deonis.  That’s not all, folks!  We are honored to premier the Black and Blue’s first single LoveCrazy.

Now let’s get to the meaty part of this message: Premier Variety Showcase Presents: X-Mas Subscribonation, the Enfoodening of the Masses is on for 5 more days.  We’ll donate $1 to the North Texas Food Bank for every new podcast subscriber between now and Christmas; so please tell ALL your friends to click subscribe. Tell your cool friends to actually listen.  Each subscription feeds three people in North Texas.

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Happy Holidays from the Crisman Show team.  We love you!


Search and Restore Brings NYC Jazz to You

We like to keep our fingers on the pulse of the greatest music on the planet. This venture would be frankly remiss without Adam Schatz at Search and Restore (check his interview on Episode 5 of The Crisman Show). I want to share with you a letter from our friend on how you can help further the cause of living jazz. Please take a moment to enjoy his hard work, and consider throwing monetary love their way.

Thanks,  Sarah

Schatz Sez:

This year has been madness for me with Search & Restore, last year’s fundraiser allowed me to focus on running the non-profit full time, and we just launched the new website as a result.  Search and Restore is loaded with awesome videos we’ve shot throughout scene this year. It’s a dynamic point of discovery for the new jazz & improvised music community, and I’d love to know what you think of it!

Crisman’s Note:  Search and Restore provides hours of entertainment and musical discovery.  These guys are not kidding around.

Now we’re fundraising for 2012, with a tremendous goal of $200,000 which we’re trying to reach by December 19th. Aside from helping the organization and community grow tremendously, the funds raised will also save my life, because I’ll be able to hire a few full time employees before I explode from doing the work of 5 people. The fundraiser is happening online and it lives at

If you’re down to contribute, it would mean the world to me, a $25 or more donation will get you a unique download compilation featuring music from artists throughout the scene as a reward.

Some amazing artists have contributed 25 second videos to encourage everyone to donate, you can check some of them out here:
Joshua Redman
Medeski, Martin & Wood
Chris Dingman

Thanks so much for checking this out, I wouldn’t be reaching out unless this was something that I truly believed it, and I’d love it if you were a part of it all! Word of mouth is supreme as well, so if you feel like sending the link to anyone who you think might me interested, or throwing it up on Facebook, I would appreciate it.